Best 3 Upcoming Xbox One Games 2018: Know Which Games May Come

For the Xbox One gaming console, this year is definitely going to be a rich one. And 2018 is looking promising enough for Microsoft to announce a host of new titles. We all have been familiar with the idea that Xbox One has pretty good prospects as far as the brand new console is considered. We therefore definitely expect titles below to come in the X versions as well. Now which games will be coming? Let’s explore a little bit.

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Upcoming Xbox One Games 2018

Upcoming Xbox One Games 2018: Here’s a List

Crackdown 3- Crackdown 3 happens to be the spectacular game which is doing the rounds as it is one most anticipated games. As per predictions, the game was envisioned to launch last year in the month of November, however, it didn’t show up anywhere, hence it remains to be the anticipated game of all times. Also, in addition to the delay, there’s also lack of official words from the developers. The Crackdown 3 gameplay over the few yester-months have been one of the hyped video games, so we expect it to be one of the best upcoming Xbox One games of this year.

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NBA 2K19- While we know that Basketball is a true blue mode of life and that with every new entry of this NBA 2K franchise, fans come across a massive part of the cultural movement, we expect NBA 2K19 to be one of the best upcoming Xbox One games of this year. There have been various anticipations regarding what new will be coming with this new game, but we are still ahead of any confirmation from developers right now.

FIFA 2K19- For the football enthusiasts, FIFA happens to be one of the most inspired simulated football based video games which for fans is an all-time favorite. Despite the fact that we are ahead of any confirmation from the developers, we expect the game to come as one of the best upcoming Xbox One games of 2018. As of now, we don’t have any word from devs, but that certainly doesn’t stop all the anticipations that the rumor mill comes with every now and then.

The Final Words

In the end, we hope our guide to best upcoming Xbox One games of this year has given you a vivid outlook of what games can be offered to the Xbox One console. Hopefully, we will bring more guides like this in the future days.

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