Exciting things you ought to know about Gatsby shoes

You might know fashion keeps changing from time to time. The fashion and styles that were in vogue in the 1920.s just after World War I in which women were able to enjoy the new sense of freedom and the right to feminine expression. It was also marked by the remarkable influence of Hollywood in fashion marketing. The gatsby attire and the gatsby shoes to go with it were in trend in the period where women started wearing short skirts, and the flappers seemed to be an excellent adornment that complemented the dress and the stockinged feet alike. The explosion of creativity was so pronounced in the 1920s that in all subsequent eras, no matter what was in trend, it seemed to be influenced or recreated or re imagined versions of the styles that emerged in the 1920s.

Gatsby shoes

The gatsby shoes or rather flapper heels that were meant to complement the flapper dresses that were typical party wear was the fashion statement in the 1920s. Despite the high heel they featured, they were considered the best owing to the comfort they offered, which ensured that women could stay on the dance floor for a long time. The most popular flapper shoe of the 1920s was the Mary Jane pump that features an over the ankle strap. The greater the straps, the trendier it would be.

Gatsby shoes for you

It is now possible to access the vintage gatsby shoes of the 1920s to match the Gatsby outfits for gatsby themed parties or even otherwise.

The gatsby collection to choose from

Flapper shoes– As mentioned earlier, the Mary Jane Shoe with a strap across the ankle is the most popular shoe that belongs to the glorious 20s. These shoes were paired with a short skirt like dresses and short hair as well. The shoes are a perfect complement for the stockinged feet and dresses that show off the leg and foot to a great extent.

Casual flappers– this refers to the most popular type of shoe that falls under this category called the heeled oxford. This type of shoe was considered to be ideal for both walking and house wear as well. The shoes feature a heel that was just about 1 or about a little less than 2-inch in size. The shoe is of lace-up style and has a capped toe and contrasting color. This type of shoe was a staple in the 1920s and can be worn with any nice dress. This is an ideal choice if you want to buy gatsby shoes with lower heels.

Flappers for different uses

T strap pump and the Mary Jane pump were the two most popular formal dress shoes that were worn by flapper girls. But, you do have a wide variety of styles in those shoes. White dress with white shoes was the dress that the women in the 1920’s wore for daytime events. A dancing shoe that is ornate and features a high heel is the choice for party wear. However, dinner party shoes without dancing were the ones that have a thicker, lower heel.

You may consider the style guide of the 1920s to choose the perfect pair of Gatsby flapper shoes that you might want to wear regularly as well as for gatsby themed parties.

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