Vikings Season 5 Things we Don’t Know about the Vikings

After the four consecutive series, Vikings has stepped into the fifth one though the release date of its not revealed yet. But there is no doubt. As the Vikings Season 5 is on its way, a lot of news and speculations are coming almost every day. While the whole world is crazy about the series, we are curious to know how the lives of the real Vikings were. So, here for you an article that can help you to fathom the real world of the Vikings.

They were Hygiene Conscious

The way the show and the media have depicted of Vikings as a very filthy, hairy primitives which is far from the truth. Vikings actually took great care in their appearance and actually took pride in it. Archaeological evidence suggests they bathed regularly and had various hair grooming tools as well as their own versions of shampoo! Now that is something interesting!

Woman Rights

While Vikings were given priority and prestige in society, Viking women did not deprive of all the rights. Women were allowed their own property and even got the option of divorce upon various grounds that also includes infidelity. What’s more, as we have seen in Vikings, there were even female Viking warriors, and we got characters like Lagertha who appeared in many times in Old Norse literature and sagas.

They were active slaveholders

Apart from the goods and lands of various European countries Vikings didn’t also took many of its inhabitants as slaves. They were known as ‘thralls.’ Some slaves remained in their homeland and forced to work the land for a Viking’s landowner.  Some of them were taken back to the Vikings Nordic homelands as personal slaves in their homes. History suggests, Vikings actively traded slaves both between themselves and to other cultures such as Persians.

The survival of the fittest

This is one of the most serious and crucial facts of Vikings for sure as they put too much importance in the survival of the fittest.  The Vikings were very proud of their families and heritage, and they didn’t take kindly to the weak or sick. Viking sagas suggest that there was no place for a sick or weak child in their community and causing strain on their family, and they were allowed to throw their unwell child out to sea or abandon them in the woods. But interestingly the elderly Vikings were treated a little fairly though, as the research suggests that people must have been taken care of them in their last few years.

They reached North America

While Christopher Columbus has been considered as the first European who successfully invade and established the settlements in North America, the Vikings were known as the first Europeans who arrive in North America. But it has been known that the harsh climate went against them, and the colony may have died out. There are also claims of Viking invasions and settlements in the America, on the shores of New England to be precise, but none of these have been proven archeologically though.

They were expert boat makers

The Vikings were extremely skilled at boat making and used to make longships which were designed to carry up to 60 men and later carrying up to 100 and could travel up to 15 knots per hour. The longships were also designed to be able to land and depart from shore quickly, which gave them in both raids and battles.  Many historians have claimed that the Vikings’ boatmanship was the reason, why they were so successful. It helps them to travel faster and more efficiently than many of their rivals and enemies at the time.

Isn’t the information fascinating? Till the release date of Vikings 5 comes out, enjoy the article to enrich your knowledge about the most striking race of history!

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